Camille W. Avatar
Let me start by saying that this place is absolutely beautiful. And although I only had one drink & one empanada, which were both delicious, my rating is really based on the people who work here. Javier, the bartender, is as personable as it gets. He didn’t mind me asking him mixology questions as he made each drink and kept me company while I waited for people in my group to arrive. He’s truly a gem. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the other star of my experience here, but I will say that she was one of the warmest people I’ve met in a long time. When she saw that I was having a rough night, she gave me the biggest motherly hug & asked me if I was OK. You don’t find too many people like that these days & I greatly appreciated it. That alone is reason enough for me to come back.
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Camille W. 5/07/2024
Martin Garcia Avatar
Drinks were good! The happy hour was good! The vibe was even better! Go there now!!
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Martin G. 3/22/2023
Charlie Schluting Avatar
Great space, amazing music and people 😍
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Charlie S. 3/12/2023
Alvaro Carrillo Avatar
Great place to lounge have a drink or 4 really good Old fashions, a place that it could be a pregame or a all nighter
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Alvaro C. 3/10/2023
tbearChicago Avatar
ATMOSPHERE ATMOSPHERE ATMOSPHERE... The atmosphere tonight was GREAT. Went for the 1st time on a Sat night 🌙 ( 12/3/22) Someone's private bday party had ended not to long ago . For 2 people I avg $28 for 2 drinks including the tips. I recommend the Piño Coladas , those things were dangerous! ( good af ) tbh im still feelin them ! The DJ was good, able to smoothly blend all genres of music together (House music, bachata , hip hop , Reggaton etc) . The crowd was mostly Black and Latino, on the older side. Everyone was in their own little zone, everyone seemed to vibe with the music . I saw people eating food and it was pretty late in the night. Parking was right out front. Recommend if you are going out with a small crowd .
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tbearChicago 3/09/2023
Misty Lambert Avatar
Walked into this place not expecting much and was blown away. Fabulous tiki bar atmosphere, five star service, and then the gal DJ started and the place turned into a legit scene on a Sunday. We'll be back!
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Misty L. 3/09/2023
Ella Kramer Avatar
This place is if the rainforest cafe was classy and a bar. Amazing service. Tasty drinks, too. It has some fun unique cocktails which is really nice too.
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Ella K. 2/16/2023
Robert Becker (Rob) Avatar
The dream castle
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Robert B. 2/16/2023
Maria Guzman Avatar
Service was horrible! Bartenders need to be attentive and check up on you once in a while! The inly reason I am giving a 5 star review is because i know it affects the business.
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Maria G. 2/16/2023
3ll4B3th Avatar
Yes! My first time was yesterday and the drinks were on point and they had happy hour!
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3ll4B3th 2/16/2023
Michelle Avatar
Great vibes indoor and outdoor space. The only thing that could make it better is if they had food.
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Michelle 10/16/2022
Alma Durr Avatar
The DJ Ron Carroll is bumping. If you want to dance all night long this is the place to be cuz he will keep you moving keep you grooving and have you on your feet you wouldn't even want to eat but the drinks are good the prices are reasonable and the crowd is really nice. And the owner is here as well and everyone is acting accordingly and I had a very nice time I will come back and I would highly recommend to other people and even people visiting from other states.
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Alma D. 9/16/2022
Tommy Ruffingers Avatar
5 stars when Mel Hammond is playin the tunes...
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Tommy R. 9/16/2022
Chelsea Franklin Avatar
Cute little cocktail bar to meet with friends!
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Chelsea F. 7/16/2022
Kate Avatar
Good vibes
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Kate 6/16/2022
Rodolfo Betancourt Avatar
Nice bar clean
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Rodolfo B. 6/16/2022
Neka TooFly Smith Avatar
Great vibe, they have a Dj. My coffee martini was strong, but baby it was good
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Neka T. 6/16/2022
DJ EDLo Avatar
One of Humboldt Parks most Hidden Gems. This is truly one of my favorite bars in Humboldt park. It has so much culture and a great place to meet cool new people. Let’s talk patios., The patio at Esmeralda’s is ginormous. This place is summer ready and the cocktails are delicious. They also have great music and a good variety of deejays on the weekend.
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DJ E. 5/16/2022
Noah Johnson Avatar
You know how you sometimes order a drink, take a sip, and then stop to look at it in surprise? That's every drink at Esmeralda's, whether it's a basic margarita or a fancy tiki concoction. The ambience is great, the music is catchy, and the bartenders are friendly. But the drinks are why I come.
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Noah J. 3/16/2022
CharlotteB01 Avatar
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE. Low key, fantastic drinks, cool decor. The bartenders are wonderful and are super creative. Have not had a bad drink thus far. Support local!
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CharlotteB01 3/16/2022
The DJ Eddie Fields Avatar
Nice cozy bar pretty close to my house. And they support House Music on Fridays. Aww yeah!!
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The D. 3/16/2022
Kevin Nelson Avatar
TASTIEST cocktails around, excellent decor... very tasteful music of different types by varying DJs throughout the week. Speciality events featuring food and other cool things "pop up" here and there. Great place for a small meet up.
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Kevin N. 3/16/2022
Autumn Liggett Avatar
Esmeraldas brings an amazing vibe to Humboldt Park. The decor is chic and sexy. I love the spicy margarita and was very impressed to see they have Presidente beer. Absolutely can’t say enough good things about the staff they are on point always! Esmeraldas hosts a variety of local Dj talent that adds to the fun vibe. If you are reading this you need to check it out!
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Autumn L. 3/16/2022
Abraham Montez Avatar
This is the newest spot in our neighborhood, and i can’t say enough good things about Esmerelda’s. The cocktails are strong, the ambiance and vibe are authentic, and the staff is fun and professional. There’s a huge outdoor patio, and every Friday night Autumn aka DJ AUNTIE SOCIAL puts on a good night of music. Don’t listen to the haters, this place is worth checking out - we support local small businesses and will continue to as long as we can. Division street under the Puerto Rican flags needs more gems like this.
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Abraham M. 3/16/2022
ricky rodriguez Avatar
Love Esmerelda’s! Me and my partner visit every Friday for the last few weeks now. Super cool spot, love the Taino decorations. Dj Auntie Social is so friendly and inviting. I have brought many friends to check out the place and they always have a great time too. The drinks are good, the Hibiscus mojitos + Mezcal margaritas are my go to’s. Latin House music fridays is the way to go in Humboldt Park. They have outdoor patio seating too so that’s a bonus in the summer.
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ricky r. 3/16/2022
Elizabeth Lozano Avatar
Excellent place. Great DJ music, tasty drinks, diverse clientele. Super cool vibe. Cannot wait to go back. Strongly recommend
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Elizabeth L. 3/16/2022
m Herrera Avatar
I came on a Friday night, bartenders were welcoming and I had great time. The Dj was awesome, played a lot of throwbacks, and the drinks were strong. I will definitely be returning, prices are reasonable and the decor is very cute. Thanks for the great service!
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m H. 3/16/2022
David Quiroz Avatar
This place is a vibe, good drinks
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David Q. 3/16/2022
Angel Santiago (Angel Bakery) Avatar
Wonderful place! Music is great! Vibe was awesome. Drinks are strong. I wish they make more different kind of drinks because most of my drinks kinda tasted the same but made differently. They need to bring back the drink from last year because those pictures I seen on social media is the reason I wanted to come.
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Angel S. 3/16/2022
MPC Events Avatar
Great place to do group outings! And taking a date there too! Or just chill solo. Just that kind of vibe!
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MPC E. 3/16/2022
Coach Mac Avatar
Great vibe. Great drinks.
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Coach M. 3/16/2022
Devante Gibson Avatar
Really nice ambiance .. Not a big venue but still nice .. Live music on various days
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Devante G. 3/16/2022
Luis Bojangles Avatar
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Luis B. 3/16/2022
Coralee Avatar
Great place with good vibes
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Coralee 3/16/2022
julio gomez Avatar
Great place and drinks!!
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julio g. 3/16/2022
Yesenia Carranco Avatar
It was a great experience and the bartenders were great!
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Yesenia C. 3/16/2022
Marquita Smith Avatar
So I found this place advertised on Instagram and I must say it was a pleasant experience! The bartender was so full of life so fun and friendly! And omggggg we were tipsy off one Puerto Rican rum drink so good the bartender gave us an amazing show ❤️ The ambiance was nice we took nice videos so pretty! The only thing I didn’t like was that we went on a Sunday and on the Internet it was advertised that it was salsa night and my cousin and I were ready to sip and dance but the dj was playing classical which threw the entire environment off! The drinks were so good that I wanted to get up and shake something lol other than that it’s a low key spot and I’ll most definitely be returning
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Marquita S. 3/16/2022
Scott McKenna Avatar
Delicious drinks and the place has a nice vibe. Will probably be clutch throughout winter.
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Scott M. 3/16/2022
Sarah VanBindsbergen Avatar
Great cocktails. Great staff. Hidden gem in Humboldt Park on Division street off of Western. Shout out to Ed ❤️
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Sarah V. 3/16/2022
Brendan C Avatar
Relaxing vibe with thoughtful decor. Drinks were tasty and the service was friendly. New spot for me!
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Brendan C. 3/16/2022
Leslie Velez Avatar
Lucas was da bomb!!!! Definitely will be going back on Lucas n Louis Day!!!!!
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Leslie V. 3/16/2022
Chicago IL (Visiting) Avatar
Coming from Texas and staying at my mom's across the street we decided to stop by. Bartender was cool and have us quick service. The wifey got a long Island and I got a piña colada. Gotta say they both were delicious. That number 2 drink for the wifey got her good. We both had a great time and thank God we love right across the street. Give your place a try, they even have a live DJ playing 12 inch records. Took me way back as I'm a retired DJ after 33 years. Thank you for the great service and the flash back.
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Chicago I. 3/16/2022
Anita Jeszke Avatar
We had so much fun tonight (Thursday, 5 Aug 2021). Around 15 of us met at the bar and sat on the patio. The new wave music, as curated by the DJ, was great and the cocktails were perfect.
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Anita J. 3/16/2022
Richard Hafferty Avatar
Great place to have your party lots of out door space ,barc,Barcelona, and best of all the staff were so fun . Thanks Mrs Vergara
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Richard H. 3/16/2022
Florentino Garcia Avatar
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Florentino G. 3/16/2022
Alexander “Polar Bear” O'Connor Avatar
You want a local establishment with some class, unique, and excellent variety in drink selections then this is worth the visit! This is an excellent lounge to bring people and interact. The staff is proficient, excellent, and friendly! I'm looking forward to my next visit to Chicago so I can stop in again! Thanks guys! 😁
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Alexander “. 3/16/2021
Kyle Coyne Avatar
This is an amazing bar. The drinks are strong and delicious. The bartenders are on point and never left me without a drink. I took second place in the limbo competition but I plan to win it next week.
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Kyle C. 3/16/2021
Nic Prince Avatar
Awesome drinks, great service and beautiful decor.
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Nic P. 3/16/2021
Jason Kapfer Avatar
Fun & Diverse with a Unique Cocktail Menu. Good Live DJs Too.
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Jason K. 3/16/2021
Stephanie Jensen Avatar
Recently discovered this gem for new wave night on Thursdays. Love the tropical decor, hand-painted walls and thoughtful little details they put into the place. Good vibes, tasty drinks, and great bartenders. Cute date night spot for drinks and dancing.
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Stephanie J. 3/16/2021
Bridget Thomas Avatar
Wonderful drinks and even better service! Every time I come here, I have such a pleasant time. So glad they opened up in the neighborhood. The happy hour is so reasonable also. This may be my new favorite spot!
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Bridget T. 3/16/2021
Lugo Rosado Avatar
I had a wonderful experience at Esmeraldas. The mixologist provided me with different drinks which I tried and loved! This trendsetting lounge west of Western on Division Street is a nice place you must visit.
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Lugo R. 3/16/2021
The owner is awesome. Very personable & attentive. Chilled atmosphere.
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ANDRE M. 3/16/2021
Jeanine Pagan Avatar
The drinks are Five Stars!! The atmosphere very nice and unique! Music is awesome! Most of all the vibes are super amazing!
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Jeanine P. 3/16/2021